Back to NYCHA 

Some people believe that you cannot live in NYCHA with a criminal conviction. However, there are now programs that allow people to live in NYCHA after prison or jail, and ways for people to return to NYCHA or live in NYCHA for the first time after being involved with the criminal justice system.

Back to NYCHA was designed to help NYCHA residents, their family members, and other members of the NYCHA community become familiar with and understand NYCHA's programs, policies, and procedures for people who have had contact with the criminal justice system. 

Taking a human-centered design approach, the partners created tools and resources for the NYCHA community to navigate through barriers. The resources were also informed by a series of theatrical performances produced by Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and performed by current and former NYCHA residents who were impacted by NYCHA’s criminal justice policies.  

Back to NYCHA is brought to you by Sparkle BrainsTheatre of the Oppressed NYCVera Institute of Justice, and Youth Represent.